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Superb Energy Miser® SQ Dryer

Offering Versatile, Fuel Efficient On-Farm Drying

When the cost of fuel is high, the SUPERB ENERGY MISER® SQ Series line of grain dryers makes even better dollars and sense as an investment for:

  • Cutting-edge drying technology
  • Versatility for drying management
  • Total dryer management with the IntuiDry Controller

Meyer Energy Miser® Tower Dryer

Proven Fuel-Saving Technology for Grain Drying Chores

For continuous flow grain drying, Brock’s MEYER ENERGY MISER® Tower Grain Dryer provides proven fuel-efficient technology you can count on for drying duties. Brock’s line of tower dryers also provides the advantage of being able to use height as an option for adding drying capacity without increasing the dryer’s ground footprint in a facility.

Brock® Commercial Tower Grain Dryer

Brock Grain System has unveiled a continuous-flow Commercial Tower Grain Dryer with capacities ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 bushels (75 to 175 metric tons) per hours. This dryer incorporates some of the best qualities of Brock’s MEYER ENERGY MISER® TOWER GRAIN DRYERS while also adding some new features.

Neco Mixed-Flow Dryers

Mixed Flow Drying Process

  • Maintains the highest grain quality
  • Allows for easy air & grain mixing throughout the drying process
  • Consistent kernel to kernel moisture across the grain column
  • Long retention time allows the grain to dry slowly, resulting in significantly higher test weights and higher quality product.


  • Mixed Flow Quality – Mixed flow operations provide even heating and cooling to preserve grain quality
  • Screenless – No screens to clean, clog or change!
  • Quiet & Efficient – Forward curved blower for substantially less noise and improved air flow
  • Effective for all grains – Innovative design is ideal for all crops, including rape seed, barley, wheat, rice, and sunflower
  • Safety you can count on – Flame safety relay and ignition accuracy
  • Flexible operations – Multiple burners and blowers offer flexible drying options
  • Modular designs – Easy to install with the capability to be expanded and customized to suit your needs as your business grows
  • Commander PLC Control – Touch screen PLC with dual moisture sensing, tracking, and graphing capabilities and alarm and troubleshooting assistance pages
  • COMMANDNet – Optional remote dryer management provides web connectivity for total control of your dryer wherever you are for total peace of mind


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